Campus Housing Apartment Furniture Company

If you own or manage a student housing community, you can make your life easier by working with one campus housing apartment furniture company.

We are University Furnishings, and we specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing custom furniture collections for student housing. We feature a robust catalog of furniture solutions and will work collaboratively with your team to create a collection that fits your needs.

Work with one of the premier campus housing furniture companies

University Furnishings is proud to work with student housing facilities across the country, helping to create spaces that promote comfort, functionality and productivity.

As your choice in campus housing furniture builders, you can expect our team to make the process of furnishing your facility easy to manage. Our team will:

  • Streamline all the logistics associated with furnishing your location. This means everything from designing and manufacturing the furniture, to delivering and installing it. We have a nearly perfect on-time record because we value tight logistics.
  • Save your money by providing your facility with durable furniture. This minimizes your annual replacement needs and will ultimately be of benefit to your financial bottom line.
  • Make it easy to arrange for maintenance, repair or replacement work. University Furnishings utilizes an online portal where you can conveniently submit a work order that we will fulfill in a timely fashion.

Our campus housing apartment furniture company is the perfect strategic partner for any student housing facility. We help our clients create clean, stunning collections that attract tenants but allow you to avoid all the rigorous logistics needed to make it happen.

Stop your search for campus housing furniture companies — consult with University Furnishings

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about what University Furnishings can do for your business. Partner with the leading campus housing apartment furniture company and get comfortable.