College Apartment Furniture Manufacturer

Welcome to the premier college apartment furniture manufacturer. We are University Furnishings, and we are proud to be a global leader for the design and manufacturing of furniture that is designed for student housing.

Our team works closely with a wide range of apartments across the country, providing them with a streamlined experience that makes it easy to do everything from custom design sets of furniture to having them delivered and installed on time, every time.

As your college apartment furniture designer, we can promise you a few things when it comes to our furniture.

  • Durability: College students in general are not exactly gentle on furniture. Student housing tends to be high-traffic areas that get a lot of use and see a lot of wear and tear. Our college apartment furniture assembly team ensures that you are equipped with furniture that is durable and will feature a long life.
  • Precise, efficient installations: As your college apartment furniture manufacturer, you will benefit from our proprietary technology and proven systems that aid our teams in the installation process. Your installation will be flawless.
  • Accommodating customer service: We’re proud to stand as the leading college apartment furniture designer and manufacturer, and we protect that reputation with everything that we do. Our team will make sure that you receive great service, and products that exceed your expectations.

Furnishing your student housing facility can be easy when you work with the right college apartment furniture manufacturer. We invite you to connect with the team at University Furnishings and learn more about what we have to offer.