College Apartment Furniture Wholesaler

Welcome to a college apartment furniture wholesaler that you can trust. Here at Dallas-based University Furnishings, we are proud to serve as one of the leading names when it comes to furnishing all types of student housing.

From a wide selection of furniture components to choose from, to a team that streamlines the entire process for your — from product design and manufacturing to installation — we have everything to make your experience easy and convenient.

What are you looking for in a college apartment furniture distributor?

Here at University Furnishings, we can custom design a collection that meets the specific needs of your space. Whether you need something small and compact that enhances the functionality of tight spaces, or you have the luxury of accommodating sprawling sectionals, we’re up to the task.

When it comes to offering college apartment furniture for sale, two things are non-negotiable for our team:

  • Durable products that will maximize the value of your investment. Furniture in any high-occupancy facility — let alone student housing — is going to take a beating. The furniture solutions that we provide for our clients look great, even after years of use and abuse. This lengthens replacement cycles so that you get more for your investment.
  • On-time delivery and installation. As your college apartment furniture wholesaler, we promise to be on-time with delivering the furniture to your facility and getting it correctly installed. Timelines are important for the clients that we work with, and we want to make sure that our service is always delivered according to your expectations.

Are you looking for a trusted college apartment furniture distributor?

If so, we invite you to connect with the team at University Furnishings and learn more about the robust infrastructure that we have in place, which makes the entire process simple and easy to manage with our team as your college apartment furniture wholesaler.