College Bedroom Design Ideas

For college students, an apartment is their home away from home. By taking advantage of the latest college bedroom design ideas, you can make your community more attractive for prospective students and improve academic performance for current students. After all, a student’s environment influences their success, so it’s worth taking a second look at your apartment design.

Finding the Perfect College Bedroom Layout Solutions

When you work with University Furnishings, you can take advantage of our college bedroom design layout services to get an idea for the different types of floorplans and layouts that will accommodate your space. We have an extensive catalog of student furniture to choose from, including beds, dressers, tables, chairs and sofas.

Here are a few college bedroom design ideas to pay attention to:

  • Students learn best when they’re comfortable in their environment. Focus on furnishings that are both practical and comfortable. Some of our favorites include sofa chaises and oversized chairs.
  • Student apartment rooms are generally small in size, but there are ways to make the most of them. With our college bedroom layout solutions, you can experiment with raised beds, stackable chests and multi-purpose stands and shelves.
  • College students put a lot of wear and tear on furniture, so it’s important to choose durable furnishings. This reduces time and money for your school plus keeps your apartments looking their best.

Why Choose University Furnishings

With our collaborative design process, high-quality materials and finishes and college bedroom design simulator, our team will work closely with you to achieve the perfect look for your dorm rooms. You can explore the various floorplans and layouts we have available or try something unique.

Furthermore, our company has low replacement costs, a convenient online portal for scheduling repairs and replacements and a dedicated quality control process. And, to ensure all installations are made on time, we ship customer orders to the nearest warehouse.

To start furnishing your residence halls and exploring new college bedroom design ideas, contact University Furnishings today.