Furniture Customs And Duty Management

When it comes to sourcing products for your business internationally, customs and duty management are important considerations.

Here at University Furnishings, we work with a wide range of student housing organizations around the country, providing them with quality, durable furniture that is manufactured in our managed factories around the globe.

We have furniture customs duty management specialists that will manage this aspect of the process so that you can remain focused on selecting the right furniture for your facility and watching as our team streamlines the logistics, bringing your furniture to your location on time and in budget.

Looking for trusted customs duty management companies?

If customs duties are not properly managed, they can signify a major expense for your business. That’s why University Furnishings has team members that specialize in customs and duty management, providing duty minimization that will lend your business significant cost savings.

As your choice in customs duty management companies, University Furnishings will make sure that your furniture is manufactured globally and brought to your location with no hassle at all.

Each factory that we manage throughout the world is staffed with quality control professionals, who keep their eyes on the manufacturing process to ensure every product meets our stringent quality standards.

We also have full redundancies across the supply chain, allowing us to avoid disruptions to the manufacturing process.

Equip your facility with beautiful, durable furniture from  University Furnishings

We help you through every phase of the process — design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and customs and duty management. It’s never been easier to equip your student housing facility with stunning, modern furnishings!