Off Campus Apartment Housing Furniture Company

When it comes to bringing off campus apartment furniture to your location, Dallas-based University Furnishings is ready to work closely with your team to make the process simple and easy.

As an industry-leading off campus housing furniture company, our team handles every crucial phase of the process — design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and maintenance. With just one strategic partner, you can make sure that your location is beautifully furnished and that it stays that way year in and year out.

As one of the premier off campus housing furniture companies, we provide our clients with:

  • Collaborative design. With 3D floor planning and rendering capabilities, we work closely with each client to create custom-designed furniture collections. These collections are tailored to meet the needs of your facility and the stylistic preferences that are so important to your brand.
  • Unique manufacturing expertise. As your off campus housing furniture builders, we will manufacture your furniture in one of our managed factories, which feature dedicated team members to monitor quality control. We also have full redundancy across the supply chain to avoid any unforeseen manufacturing delays.
  • On-time delivery and installation. When it comes to our off campus apartment furniture service, this is something we hang our hat on. We have a perfect on-time delivery and installation record. We know how crucial staying on a timeline is for your business and we execute flawlessly when it comes to this important phase of the process.

Work with us as your off campus housing furniture company

What kind of space are you looking to create? One that promotes comfort? Productivity? Both? University Furnishings is ready to provide you with off campus apartment furniture collections to make your facility everything you want it to be.