Student Apartment Design Layout Planner

University Furnishings works with apartment developers, owners and managers to create stylish, comfortable apartment for students. You can explore a new apartment room design layout using our 3D software, or check out some of the options we have used for other communities. With new furniture and floor plans, you’ll be amazed at how you can maximize space throughout your apartment units.

Apartment Room Layout Solutions for Today’s Students

Students use their apartments to study, sleep, relax and socialize. The more comfortable and relaxing their environment is, the happier they will be and the more likely they are to renew. This is why it’s important to work with a student apartment room layout planner who can help you choose an efficient floor plan.

Here are some ideas that our apartment room design company recommends:

  • Create living room spaces where students can relax, study and socialize
  • Utilize vertical space to free up floor space, such as with raised beds and stackable drawers
  • Pick multi-purpose furniture to maximize space and get the most from your budget
  • Stick to furniture with clean lines and a small footprint, such as sleek desks and contemporary chairs
  • Make use of awkward spaces, like corners, using a custom sectional couch
  • Use student apartment room layout planner to explore various floor plans

Let Us Help with Your Dormitory Room Design Layout

University Furnishings has completed over 500,000 installations in all 50 states. We work with communities small and large to achieve apartment room layout solutions that separate them from other communities. We have a dedicated quality control process, premium materials and finishes and a collaborative design process.

On-time installations is also a priority. Thanks to our relationships with 45 warehouses, our dorm room design companies are able to ship all customer orders to a local warehouse 30 days prior to installation.

To learn more about the dormitory room design layout options that your residence halls can benefit from, contact University Furnishings today.