Texas Off Campus Student Housing Furniture

Looking for comfortable, well-built furniture for your off campus housing? University Furnishings has a great selection of Texas off campus student housing furniture, ranging from desks to multi-purpose entertainment centers to stackable chests. As the leading student housing furniture supplier in Texas, we use only the highest quality materials and finishes to ensure our products stand the test of time.

Student Housing is Changing

With increasing enrollments, housing at colleges and universities is at a premium. A popular option for upperclassmen is off campus living. Students can enjoy many of the same benefits of living on campus, close proximity to campus buildings, but with more independence and more options and amenities.

With the right Texas off campus student housing furniture, you can create a comfortable living-working environment for students living away from campus. Here are some of the trends that our customers are following:

  • Flexible living environments. Since students aren’t living on campus, they have fewer places to study. By creating a flexible space, you give students a place to read, research and collaborate with their peers. Our Texas student housing furniture can help you select the best furniture and layout.
  • Students are more cautious about the environment than ever before. As one of the most trusted student housing furniture suppliers in Texas, we are focusing our sights on furniture that is durable and long lasting, resulting in less waste.
  • Living-learning communities. With Texas off campus student housing furniture, you can balance the living-learning lifestyle of a college student. This leads to greater satisfaction and increased renewals.

Why Choose Our Texas Student Housing Furniture Suppliers

University Furnishings has over 15 years of manufacturing experience, and we have completed over 500,000 furniture installations in all 50 states. Our name is synonymous with forward-thinking, innovative off campus student housing furniture in Texas. We have a dedicated quality control process, on-time installations and a streamlined reordering process.

We look forward to working with your college or university to find the best fit for your space. Contact us today to learn more about our Texas off campus student housing furniture solutions.