Wholesale Student Housing Furniture Manufacturers

University Furnishings is the industry’s leading student housing furniture manufacturer. We have over 15 years of manufacturing experience, which has led us to design and build some of the most beautiful student housing furniture available. Our furnishings have clean, simple lines and neutral colors, making them a great fit for all types of student housing.

Why Choose Us as Your Student Housing Furniture Suppliers

Student housing is changing for the better. As more apartment developers, owners and managers discover the importance design to their students, they’re thinking beyond comfort and practicality and focusing on form and fashion.

Are ready to make these changes? If so, University Furnishings is here to help. Here are some reasons for choosing us as your student housing furniture manufacturers.

  • On-time installations. We are proud to say that we have a near100% on-time installation record. Thanks to our relationships with 45 warehouses, we can ship products to nearby facilities 30 days before install.
  • Extensive experience. As student housing furniture suppliers, we have completed over 500,000 furniture installs. We have a dedicated quality control team, a convenient online portal for scheduling repairs and a streamlined reorder process.
  • Low replacement costs. When you purchase student housing furniture wholesale from us, you can expect it to last. We have the highest durability rates and lowest replacement costs in the industry. Most customers see 1% annual replacement rates.
  • Innovative designs. We never stop designing. Our furniture solutions are sleek, minimal and perfect for all types of student housing

Put Your Community Front and Center with Wholesale Student Housing Furniture

Don’t fall behind other communities. Put yours in the forefront with stylish, comfortable furniture solutions. University Furnishings is a turnkey solution, and we will work with you to design the perfect space, order the right furniture and install everything on time. To learn more about working with our student housing furniture manufacturers, contact us today.